Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to it!

It's been a while, maybe too long but we'll keep it short. Since the last post here, I got back on the training wagon just before Christmas and started hitting it a little harder this past weekend with some gravel road rides near Deam Lake. During the time off I managed to put on several pounds but seem to have that under control now. 
New log crossing at Waverly Park
Last Saturday I got to help at the Waverly Trail Day building a sweet log pile to slow traffic near the trail entrance and rock armoring a culvert below the road.
Rock armoring at Waverly Park
Gravel with Coach and about 20 others
Toward the end of one the recent gravel road trips, I noticed a road with tracks heading left and tried to stop and see if it was our turn only to hit a patch of ice, head off the road, hit a log with the front wheel and semi-endo into a tree.  Almost had it stopped, but still banged the ear up pretty good!
Still attached
Bowling with a bunch of Rogues
With winter setting in a little more steadily than we're used to here, you basically have to choose between bundling up and riding in the snow or riding the trainer. Generally I choose the outdoor option unless it's a very specific workout.  Thursday six of us hit the Cherokee Seneca trails in the snow for a couple hours and it turned out to be the most fun I've had on a bike since the Indy double weekend and a solid full body workout to boot! It started with a wipeout on the road and continued with numerous washouts and wipeouts that didn't seem to hurt due to the soft powder.

Josh, Mitch, and me.
Other than a trip to Pittsburgh and northern Ohio for work (yep, that's where the Civil part comes from) life has been pretty slow. Soon enough I'll have details for this coming season ironed out enough to share!

If you are in the Louisville/So IN area this weekend, you should join the Southern Indiana Wheelman gravel ride starting at Deam Lake at noon. I'm planning to be there! More details here.