Thursday, October 14, 2010

UCI3 - Java Johnny's and Harbin Park

Java Johnny's in Sunset Park was hands down my favorite course from the weekend, possibly for the season!  The course had flat straight aways to lay down power, but it had some tight twisty stuff too and it all flowed together so that brakes almost weren't necessary!
Going for hole-shot #2 of the weekend.
This was the third time this year racing two days in a row, so I knew what to expect including a stiff lower back after Friday's roughish climby course.  BUT, I liked what I saw/felt during the pre-ride and got a good warm up in.  On the line I knew a hole-shot was possible and that top 5 may mean the race so I went hard but not all in and took the first turn for the third race in a row.  I let Proppe go much earlier, but found a rhythm and stayed steady for 45 minutes or racing to finish 11/75+!  I set a new heart rate max at either 197 or 199 (different uploads show both) and averaged 184 bpm.  I wasn't ecstatic, as I wanted a top 10, but was definitely happy with the improvement from day one!

Into the sand in 4th.
Christine and I met her friend for dinner at a place called Teller's of Hyde Park and I'm no food critic, but damn it was good!  The Magic Hat #9 went down quite nicely as well...

And then comes day three at Harbin Park.  I'd never raced three days in a row before... hell, I'd never ridden hard three days in a row before!

In "no man's land" late in the race.

The course was pretty cool, but definitely fit the "roadie course" category.  Lots of power sections and very few places where mountain bike skills could buy much time.  It was hot and again we were told at the start line that feeds were not allowed...even though it was well over 68 degrees and 5 laps were imminent.  I was still after a top ten, but my body ached and I knew the power sections were going to hurt even more.  But ... the goal remained so after it I went.  Just before heading to the start line I decided just a little less tire pressure in the front would be good for the dusty corners and for soaking up bumps to take it easy on the body.  As I put my elbows on the bars on the start line I noticed that tire was setting awfully low... SHIT!  No one had a pump nearby and it was too late to slip to the truck, so I tried to relax knowing I had a bike in the pit and hoped it wasn't as bad as it looked.

After two hole-shots, I wanted the third one bad, knowing with a low tire it may be the last good note of the race.  So, I put my head down and took it!  Then, three turns later I dabbed out to avoid hitting the deck and lost a few places.  I held steady through the lap line and the uphill sandpit but decided to go ahead and take the other bike even though it was on the opposite side of the pit area.  Enter pit - 6th place, exit pit - 28th place = SUCK!  From there I tried to gain places but mentally never recovered.  It was pretty much a "hold your position" race to the end where I finished 26th of 77, missing my top 10 opportunity.  Ah well, two solid results racing with some fast guys; a lot that normally race elites!

A few thank you's are in order:

  • Uncle Jamie for a place to stay
  • Nicole B, for airing up my tire in the pit and having the bike ready a half lap later
  • Gavin for helping with the second bike swap
  • Christine for the cheering/support/good company
  • The Farmers for being good people (and BWE for great photos!)
  • And all the promoters, volunteers, and attendees for an outstanding weekend of cyclocross!!!
Post Harbin Park, guess I coulda zipped up....
Side note, because I'm one of only five guys to finish all five races so far, I moved up to first in the Cat3 OVCX Series!  Also, I pulled my points down under 400 for the first time!  Here

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