Monday, September 19, 2011

Strava + FishStix = Almost chip timing

I know, I know... the OVCX has chip timing at all the races this year, but here's another cool online feature you should check out, especially if you have a GPS! This is a segment (lap) of the Fisherman's Park race created by either Seiler, Wilson, or Goodwin.

See how it compares to raw chip timing here 


  1. I believe Mr. Wilson set the lap up...he usually does. The best part of Strava is that it works better with more people. You don't "have" to have GPS...An iPhone or Android phone will suffice.

  2. Perhaps I should update that segment to start/finish on the start/finish line. Strava doesn't give you super-fine-grained control over the start and finish areas, and sometime if you overlap it gets a little nuts.

  3. I think it's close enough. You can pretty easily edit and then just use the arrows to adjust it over, but I don't think it'll make much difference in lap times other than the first one may be a tad slower with the "start chute" removed.