Thursday, November 3, 2011

Missing Iceman Cometh

Three years ago this weekend, my friend, Mar(io/k) and I headed north for our first ever Iceman Cometh Challenge. We'd gotten in via Kentucky Point Series standings at the last minute and he raced Sport, I Beginner. I don't remember a lot of the details from the race except the number of people! There were somewhere around TWO THOUSAND racers!! My biggest to date might have had a hundred. At the end, I got 5th in my Beginner age group and from there set a goal to finish top ten the next two years in Sport and Expert categories. It was a whimsical goal, but that's the way things go...

Oh, I forgot to mention - we slept in a tent and this is what our bikes looked like the next morning.

Two years ago we opted for a cabin and had more company, Mo, who raced the Pro Women's race and took a top 10! (She's a bad ass) and Mark J who won his Beginner age group. I managed to accomplish my first goal with a 7th in Sport age group and Mark turned in a solid time as well, though the time gap between us flipped!
Our cabin on the edge of the course.

Last year we registered early and by the time we left I wasn't looking forward to it - the race was messing with my CX season, and one of my favorite venues, Gun Club! This time it was Mario, Kiersta, Mark J, and Glypie in the caravan. Finally my two year goal had been accomplished - 4th in open age group (just as good as Expert)! Everyone had a solid race (except Glypie, who was our driver) and plenty of fun.

I decided to pass on the 2011 race shortly after getting home last year and now that it's only two days away, I'm sad not to be going. I don't regret the decision, as Cincy3 is going to be a blast - I might even get to race for a W for a change! Either way, letting a tradition pass is sad. Some day I'll get back up to Traverse City to accomplish at least one last goal - a Sub 2 Hour race time!!


  1. I'm bummed I'm missing it too. Cincy should be good though, catch you down there!

  2. Let's figure out a re-union Iceman trip once you get the 2013 CX done in Louisville.

  3. Yeah, it would be a shame to miss one of those 50 cx races :p