Monday, September 20, 2010

Sick before race day

Last weekend was the start of CX 2010 and as of Friday morning it looked to be delayed for me.  A combination of allergies, dusty hot laps on Wednesday, and maybe a sinus infection left me in bed or on the couch most of Friday and planning to skip Saturday's AppleCross.  But, after getting a few meds in the system and some sleep I packed up and went to "spectate" (with my bike to check out the course).

Around noon, I was able to breath normally and decided what the hell?  I already paid, maybe a race will help clear out the system and while I never felt good, it was fun and I was able to hold onto 5th of 11 in my first Cat 3 race.

Starting line - Saturday

Sunday I felt better but still not well and was able to sprint for fourth only to hit a hole, turn the bars in the stem and take fifth that then changed to fourth after USAC relegated Nick's sprint because his number was pinned on the wrong side.  Silly if you ask me after the conversation they had at the start, but whatever.  It goes down as a fifth in my book.  Other than a dropped chain three times on the run up in the last lap, it was a solid race.

Holeshot on Sunday - Prize = 6 pack of RooibieRed Tea

Riding out of the pond on Sunday

Chasing Nick B on Sunday.

Bob's Red Mill with the help of Rogue Racing put on a great pair of races at a great new venue!  Hopefully they'll be added to the OVCX series next year!

By Wednesday things were looking up and plans were in place for King's CX Weekend just north of Cinci... new post coming soon!

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