Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Barefoot running and cooler weather

Tuesday has become the day I run... barefoot.  Or at least in "barefoot shoes".  So far I've just worked up to a little over two miles, but no knee issues and steady cardio workouts are good things.  I'm not sure about running on pavement, but who'd want to do that anyway with trails out the front door?

The weather felt almost 'cross like in the 'Ville this weekend with overnight lows in the 40's just to jump back to the 90s this week.  Fingers crossed for cooler trends for CX weekends starting Saturday!

Tonight will be the maiden voyage of my new Planet X 50s with Challenge Griffo's glued up!  Curious to see if tubulars are worth all the hype they've been getting.  Either way, they look bad ass!
BikeA - Felt F15x with Planet X 50s
Also, in an attempt to organize the garage, I've decided it's time to let my first road bike go.  Here's a pictures and a link to the craigslist post.
For Sale - Columbus Alpine size 56 with Shimano 105 group ($500)

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