Thursday, February 17, 2011

200K Brevet, 2011 Furly Kick-Off, and Race Calendar

Nope, I'm not doing the series this year, but Dale is doing the 200k on Saturday and asked if a few of us wanted to join. His other companions had second thoughts and 130 miles potentially solo would suck. It's few more hours than I have on the schedule for the weekend, but it sounds fun and that's the most challenging thing this time of year - keeping base miles fun!

The route is an out and back from Shelbyville to Harrodsburgh and back and is quite hilly with over 7500 feet of climbing and a couple steep spots. Below is the "out" portion from Dale's RideWithGPS route.

200k Brevet - "Out" portion of Out and Back
Furly (f'ing early):
And yes... it's that time of year again! Some mornings qualify as crisp, but not quite cold and we're going to ride our bicycles! And yes... we do start at 4:30 in the morning! So we're a little crazy, got a problem with it? I wasn't there for the naming and have no idea why it's not spelled fearly, but whatever - who really thinks clearly at that hour? Anyway, I believe it started when bikezen was training for the Ironman and had to get in two a days and the tradition continues except for November through January or whenever it's unbearably cold. In the summer they're awesome for beating the heat and the rest of the year they serve as a good foot to start the day on!

Today we had a group of 4 including Bikezen, Segal, and therealtimbrown and it felt awesome to get outside and get the blood pumping before all those other crazy's (drivers) got out on the roads. The ride looked something like this (I bet ya can't find the sprints!):

2/17/2011 Furly Ride (Pink-power, Green-elevation, Blue-speed, Red-HR)
Calendar: And last - I created a calendar that is now being used as a resource for and can be accessed on their site or via google calendar. This includes any and all cycling races I can find information on in the KY, IN, OH area with some in surrounding states and ALL UCI CX races posted as of the first week of February. Race disciplines include but are not limited to: Ultra Endurance (NUE), Road, Criterium, Cross Country (XC), Short Track (STXC), Cyclocross (CX), and Time Trials (TT). If you notice incorrect information or missing events, please leave a comment here or contact me.

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