Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Racing News

And finally...
Prototype kit design
More news on 2011 race plans! This year I'll be racing for Lilly Gray Goat Racing on the road. The team is based in Indianapolis and is a conglomerate of masters racers, collegiate racers, and a few in between. The focus of the team is of course to post solid results, but also to develop young racers through the experience and knowledge base of the masters members. Our title sponsor is Eli Lilly and Company and our shop sponsor is Gray Goat Sports. Other sponsors include Ameriprise Financial and Kalas. We will target some of the Indianapolis area races and mix it up at as many other venues around the MidWest as possible.

My first order of business is upgrading my road category from 4 to 3 so that I can help in the team efforts after the other 20-something year olds are finished with collegiate racing. To accomplish this, I've got about five races tentatively on the schedule prior to a late spring training week, after which I'll hopefully be able to race with the team. If not, I'll take a couple more races and get the needed points to upgrade.

There will of course be some XC mountain bike races thrown in on open weekends, especially for the younger contention of the team and maybe even an endurance race or two.

I'm a Twin Six sponsored athlete this season. What that means - I get a sweet kit to train and occaisionally race in and sweet deals on awesome technical and casual cycling gear! Check out the profiles here: 

Until next time... keep the rubber side down.

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