Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fat and Skinny Tire Festival (Part 2 - CRIT)

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Saturday night it was time to pay my dues. Rachel and Erik were headed to dinner with the promoter and sponsors and I was keeping their 2yr old and 4 yr old with pizza at the hotel. While this had potential to be a nightmare for some, it turned out to be quite pleasant. Their kids are well behaved and I didn't even have to change a dirty diaper since the little one started falling asleep between the bed and the wall within half an hour of R&E leaving. The rest of the evening was spent with Papa John's pizza and cartoons on tv... until I realized Adult Swim had been on for about five minutes while I was on the phone. Oops, King of the Hill won't scar him too badly!
Elmo and Friends (Photo by Rachel F)
Sunday morning brought wet pavement, but only cloudy skies for a couple hours. When time came to warm up, the rain started and the temperature was dropping. After a half hearted spin on a borrowed trainer (rollers suck if they're wet!) I finished getting dressed including Winston's Brand Manbrocation, an undershirt, arm warmers, and wool socks. The course was basically two corners and a big bend or a "D" shape. The kicker - part of the course is on an island and you cross a bridge going into turn one and coming out of turn two.
Holeshot (Photo from Kevin Miles)

I wanted no part of any crashes going into the first turn or any of the turns for that matter, so I played like a CX race and took the holeshot and held the lead for a lap or so, then only went as deep as third wheel for several laps. The cold weather suited my body (like cross) so I made a few attempts at going solo or taking one guy with me but each time the field would string it out to bring me back. I guess that's what I get for winning Saturday. Around the midpoint of the race, Whitney attacked and opened a ten second gap. I decided not to chase since we were both Louisvillians without teammates but to let him go and maybe try to jump across later. He quickly built a half lap lead at which point I knew I couldn't get across solo and have anything left to out sprint him, so I conceded the win and marked everything for a field sprint.

Staying near the front (Photo from Kevin Miles)
With one to go I went to the front for the turns, then settled third wheel for the U and jumped out of the turn to take my second field sprint in two days, only this time for second place. Kudos to David Whitney of TwinSpires for a great solo effort! Another decent pay day fun day in the books...

Oh - in case I forgot to mention - race conditions were 46 F and raining! But thanks to the Alderfer's and the Racing for Riley team, it was still a great weekend of racing! I'll be back next year!

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