Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TNW: KFEC Style - Take Two

This week was round two of hot laps at KFEC in place of the traditional Tuesday Night Worlds route. The format was similar to the first outing, but some details changed including avoiding Eastern Pkwy as much as possible and utilizing lower traffic roads leading through Audubon Park. We kept the two set format, but instead of four laps, we did six laps each set for about 33 minute sets.

Mist was intermittently falling during my ride to the start at the former Cycler's Cafe, but there were already a dozen people waiting at ten til six. Low and behold, Brad Swope shows up, the man I've never ever seen out with more than a few clouds in the sky!! The crowd kept growing and people kept looking around hoping that someone would make the call to go home. That was not to be, as we rolled out with about thirty people, none wanting to be outdone by the rest for riding in shit conditions.
The route to KFEC in red with the route back to Seneca in green.
The first set was hard from the get go with attacks flying until Swope and a Clarksville guy got a solid gap. After a lap I tried to make a solo bridge, but only got about half way across before the headwind section sent me back to the pack. Eventually the break was caught and John Grant and another Roadhouse guy got away for good. I squeaked out a decent sprint, but not timed well enough to catch Rolf for third.

The two sets are highlighted. Avg speeds: 24.9mph and 24.5mph
The second set wasn't quite as fast, especially once Mitchell and Grant got away. The precipitation changed from a mist to a steady pissing rain paired with some wind out of the NNW. Kevin had comments on my poorly timed tactics, and I've got plenty to learn, but with no chance of bridging solo across a 30 second gap, sticking to a strong wheel and setting up for the sprint for third seemed to be the best option.

The ride home got cold, but most of us enjoyed the idea that this weather might return for CX season this fall!

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