Monday, May 16, 2011

My first gold star as a Junior Ride Captain

A few weeks ago, the mighty Ohio River swelled out of it's banks and onto our routine Tuesday Night Worlds training course so I made a suggestion to the great purplerides that we all take to the circuit of KFEC. As it turns out, some others have been using the roads as well and many very much enjoyed the low traffic practice race simulation including John May, who granted me, "a gold star in your junior ride captain sticker book"

This week we're going to do it again... with a few changes in response to input from both old and young guys! (Thanks for the help guys!)

The to and fro route will change slightly to stay off Eastern Pkwy, but the format will tentatively be two sets of six laps. If the group is overly large we may split into an A and a B group and shorten the B's to 5 lap sets. Also depending on time the second set can be reduced by a couple laps. The "start/finish" will be under the pedestrian bridge and we'll try to stay in the two left most lanes so that any cars may pass safely.

Here's the route from the inaugural TNW: KFEC Style if you'd like to take a peak.
Map (mileage is a bit off since I started from home) 
This week's route will go through Audubon Park instead of across Eastern Pkwy.
The highlighted portions are two four-lap sets with some max speed info.

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