Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another State Champs weekend...

I owe a big thanks to my coach for having me ready for a big weekend of local racing...

I got to do this...
Jude Clark Memorial Criterium - Cat 3/4 Podium

And this...
KY State Road Race Championship - Cat 3 Podium
... on back to back days!!!

It was a great weekend of racing - there's no doubt about it! I have to admit, after a rest week a week ago followed by my worst half hour on a bike this year (Wednesday's STXC race) I wasn't all that optimistic.

Saturday morning the weather was awful. The 5's and 4/5's started in rain, but luckily it let up before our start and we only had a few wet laps. Early in the race a break of three got away that I knew I should have been in, but was just a bit late seeing it. The two danger men were Joel Eastman and Andrew Beckman of McDonalds and Clarksville Schwinn - both had 4+ guys in the field to block and their gap grew to nearly 30 seconds. In all honesty I was pretty sure we were racing for fourth, but thanks to a well timed field prime the field pulled the gap down, I took the prime but tasted the late breakfast of Papa Johns. Quickly a Clarksville rider, a McDonalds rider and I had a gap on the field and I knew if we could join forces with the break of three we'd be gone. No such luck, it all came back together. From then on I followed the right wheels and with 5 to go set up in the front six or so in the field and was comfortable, then somehow in the last turn I got pushed wide (by a shoulder) and came out about ninth. I didn't panic, and as the field opened their sprint to the left, I let it rip down the right side and took the W with about a bike length to spare!

Sunday's weather was no better in the morning but we rolled in, got ready and things cleared up. I lined up with 27 guys including two teams fielding five guys. The 1/2's were also combined with our field since there were only three of them. From the gun, McDonalds put a guy on the front and stretched it out. The occasional attack tried to go, but nothing got very far up the road. I was concerned about the climb, but after the first lap it didn't seem so bad. I put in a couple of small attacks but never fully committed and then on the final decent I decided to try and catch those that know me off guard and attacked with four miles to go. I got a gap, Slomo bridged across but the chase was on so we gave it up and geared up for the climb. I made it to the top second wheel and followed what I knew were solid wheels from then into the last turn. Bikeclicks started sliding up the right so I jumped on, then Slomo and Cornelius moved up the left so I jumped on there and opened up a decent sprint behind Nate to take second in the field and first Cat 3.

VeloVivid Photography got great shots of both days. Check out Jude Clark Crit photos and Head First Magazine/Waddy RR photos and support a great local photog!

And back to the beginning of the post and the Thank You - You've seen pictures, but never been officially introduced - my coach is Erik Fagerberg who works with Curtis Tolson Coaching. If you're interested in coaching services I'll gladly get you in touch with him. He has certainly made me stronger, faster and more disciplined while keeping it fun!

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