Friday, June 24, 2011

Short track #4

The main reason for this post - Christina G, aka RedHeadedPhotographer took some awesome pictures this week (season) at short track and I wanted you to see them. Some of the best color and lighting I've ever seen. Check out her Facebook albums here and here.
Week 4 - climbing

Week 4 - through the woods

Week 1 - TwinSix Metal Kit

Brockman hot on my wheel week two or three
As for the boring race report part - I started mid pack, moved up to fourth behind Brockman and settled in. The body was good, but I was constantly fighting a mental battle to push through the pain that is lactic acid build up. Mitchell and Anthony left us again and I managed to keep Brockman in check until we got "one to go" instead of three due to Tornado Warning sirens. I caught him at the top of the climb, stayed close down the hill and passed him with a third of a lap to go. We're in a tight battle for third that should be decided by who wins between us next week with double points on the line.

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