Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Training Block

Thursday I used some credit hours and did three solo hours over to Blunk Knob and back setting new CP5 and CP6 numbers while riding somewhat conservatively up my favorite hill around. Friday was an easy day with a little extra walking around Valhalla Golf Club for the Senior PGA Championship and the real riding came on Saturday. Coach called it the "4 Hour Epic Chunk Ride". He threw a little bit of everything at me and mother nature had an extra twist to add to the mix but I felt good and got to ride some roads I grew up travelling in the dark while hunting raccoon!

Turtle save
About 45 minutes into the ride, I felt something stick me and as I brushed away the honey bee, I saw the stinger pulsating in my inner thigh, just inches from my unmentionables! Luckily it was between 20 minute efforts and I was able to just spin along making sure I wasn't going to swell up or pass out. It hurt, but that gave me something to think about other than tiring muscles. Once I was sure I'd survive the honey bee venom, I upped the pace for another 20 minutes and then did odd and end intervals and finished with a lot of "sweet spot" on a beautiful sunny day.
Saturday's route
Sunday was supposed to be 3 hours, but the body and mind wouldn't work together (the bourbon from the night before probably didn't help either) so it got cut short but still with some rollers and headwind riding toward the end. I was still reminded how much I miss country roads. Over the two days I covered most of the roads for the MS100 ride and all basically in my parents' backyard!

Monday was the Mayor's Hike and Bike and Paddle and after a 4:15am wake up followed by a nap, I almost didn't make it. But, like always there were a handful of people interested in pushing the pace so I joined in. After a while it was just Tim Omer and myself cruising along at 24mph. Other than the delayed start, it was a great event - it's super cool seeing thousands of people riding their bikes as we headed back into town! I didn't see a final number but the mass of people seemed almost endless!

Monday evening I skipped the Lexington Crit and chose to do a little fishing instead. Sometimes the body needs a break and the mental boost doesn't hurt either!
Summer dusk buzz bait catch

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