Thursday, December 9, 2010

John Bryan State Park

This was the second OVCX race that I had planned to miss.  Mind and body both wanted a break and it was a three hour drive.  BUT.... coach ensured me that racing was the best way to stay sharp and finish well in Indy the following weekend, so Christine, her puppy Denver, Duane W and I loaded up my truck shortly after dawn and hit the road for Yellow Springs, OH just outside Dayton.
Post race with Christine, Denver and muddy bike (by Jen F. aka BWE)
This week I was able to get a pre-ride, but knew the course would change as temperatures climbed to just above freezing.  There's not a lot of elevation change, but there were reward sections for all types of riders - long power sections, sharp slippery turns, double barriers, single log crossings, and a tight dipping turn that most had to run.  Mentally I was only about 80% there, but I had a game plan and wanted to stick to it.  Coach convinced me to skip the holeshot and try to stay in the front group til halfway through the race then attack.  Last time I tried this I got crashed out in the first lap so confidence in the plan was moderate at best.
Start line in shorts and Crank - everyone else has leg warmers (by A Daisy on my Toe)
Non Holeshot (by A Daisy on my Toe)
A few turns into the race, I was sitting top five and something happened!  I finally felt comfortable following a wheel!!  In all honesty, a big part of the reason I kept taking holeshots was because I was more comfortable in the lead picking my own line.  Now it didn't matter and eventually it'll pay off!  Jason was looking strong once again and basically rode away from the rest of us when he hopped the barriers AGAIN!  Damn I've got to learn to do that this winter...

Riding the run-turn (by A Daisy on my Toe)
I digress... things were going well until I laid it down in a super easy turn with a little mud and Will S and a National Engineering guy came by.  From there I chased, but not hard enough til the last lap when it was too late.  I rolled in for fourth just a few seconds off the podium and while I know I didn't have the mental toughness I wanted, there were good thing to take from the race.  A - handling was better and turns were faster.  B - I rode the dippy muddy turn faster than most people could run or ride it.  C - I found a comfort in riding a wheel!  D - I dropped a lower points race.  And last but not least, the day was spent with good company.
Riding out of the run-turn (by A Daisy on my Toe)

Other good news from the day, Farmer was back on his game, even after a rough first lap crash!

Just one more weekend of racing to finish off THIRTEEN straight weeks and TWENTY races.  The OVCX series showdown is in Indianapolis this year at Ft Harrison State Park and Brookside Park, the weather looked cold and snow on the 10 day forecast!

Farmer finishing up (by A Daisy on my Toe)

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