Monday, December 6, 2010

Off Season

19 cross races in 13 weeks, ending in back to back wins... it's a good way to start the off-season!

I'll catch up on a few missed race weekend posts on here this week, but for now - Thanks to family, friends, team sponsors, and everyone that offered support, both at the races and from home!!!  This year when training rides came up in conversation, it was, "How long are you riding today?" "X hours" "Well, have fun and be careful!"  Without that type of support, a fully balanced life wouldn't have been possible!
Two weeks of no "planned" training, just some runs, easy rides and whatever else sounds fun to stay loose and keep from getting fat!


  1. congrats on a great season. You worked your ass off and deserve it. Now chillbernate and get back to me when the ice melts.

  2. Thanks Segal. Ice should melt tomorrow, probably get back on the bike on Saturday if you're interested?