Monday, December 20, 2010

A little Sunday fun

Last week, I got a message from Jason with Main Street Velo asking if I'd be interested in helping with a cross clinic.  I was very honored by this, especially after he schooled me for most of the season, so of course, I made plans to attend not quite knowing what I'd have to offer.  With maintenance/base miles covering the schedule, I jumped on the idea of riding to Shelbyville with Mitch and Chris, doing the clinic and then riding home - a great start to 2011 training while keeping the intensity down!  Life happened and they weren't able to ride out, so I opted to drive - likely a good move with ice patches remaining on lesser travelled roads.

There were about 10 people in attendance and Jason did a fantastic job preparing for the clinic with a short course laid out, notes and outstanding parallels ranging from a boat getting planed out to a shopping cart loaded to the front versus the back.  I added my two cents whenever he asked or I felt like I had something worthwhile for a total of about $0.12 while going over some challenging turns and the best approach.  Some other major topics were countersteering, remounting, bunny hopping, and brakes (before turns, instead of in the turn).

The last part of the clinic was a three lap individual time trial with video on a few parts of the course - again, Jason did a fantastic job accomodating this (with some help from Tom).

Course, heartrate, speed, and elevation.
Above you can see the course and the last two laps of the TT (I forgot to press start) but basically I went first with Jason 10 or 15 seconds behind me and Tom the same behind him.  In three laps at approximately 2:40 per lap, Jason gained back all but a few of the seconds head start given to me.  This was my first intensity in 2 weeks and not really on the schedule, but fun is what it's all about right now!

Main Street Velo is planning more of these clinics early next year, so stay tuned to their facebook page if you're interested! Lastly, a big thanks to both Jason and Tom for the opportunity to help out and for the tips and pointers I picked up through the day!!!

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