Thursday, December 9, 2010


Promotion in Lexington was the Kentucky State Championships and a shorter drive than normal, but it was after a long week and I got up early to share a ride with Mike (who drove, letting me sleep!)  Normal course recon from outside the tape during the 4 race showed several punchy short climbs and lots of off camber.  

Mike, Will, and Segal all threw down with a couple of top 10's while some chatty redhead talked me into helping with a road crossing.  Then it was time to change and hop on the course (marshall's said we were good after the finish line) but got rushed off before finishing a lap due to another race finishing. 

At the start line I knew Jason would go for it from the gun, so the plan was to stay with him.  Wrong.  We went into the first turn side by side and by turn two he had two bike lengths.  By the time we got to the barriers, he had 5 bike lengths and Matt K was in second.  Jason hopped the barriers, shit! I have got to work on that!!  And that was it, he rode away.  Matt and I fought back and forth with a pretty comfortable gap to 4th until the last lap and a half where he opened a gap and kept chasing Jason.  How could I be let down with a podium and a silver medal in Kentucky?  It's not so much about the step or the placing but that I was giving up time in the turns and not mentally strong enough to make it hurt and push through.

Chasing (by Debbie Baker)
Chasing Matt K (by Jen Farmer)
First OVCX Podium (by Jen Farmer)
Finished third on the day and held on to top 5 in the OVCX series.  Next up - John Bryan or Gravel Grovel?  Coach says John Bryan or both, to stay sharp for Indianapolis double weekend.

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